Monday, May 22, 2006

Dynamics of Learning

Finally figured out how to get these dynamic pictures in the header. Had tried that on my previous site a couple of months back, but had not succeeded. It may have been due to the lack of effort on my part. But today I was determined to get it right and finally, it seemed so easy and elegant.

This seems to be a pattern in my life. (at-least academically) It seems, I only get things right or get a deeper understanding if I re-read a second time. Maybe I work things out in my sleep. Talk about tapping the latent power of the mind.

Anyways, the mid term exams (here at ISB) were on last Friday. So after a couple of days of partying and catching up on sleep, people are back in full swing to studying. There weren't too many takers for the soap box presentation for two posts of directors for student body. Tomorrow promises to be more exciting with the position of PlaCom director at stake. There is one clear favourite, but maybe some black horse can win the race at the last minute. Would take some running on his or her part though.

With that, I think its time to go back to the assignments.

PS: If you like the header/title hack, you can find it here and here

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