Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bloggers at ISB

I would like to blog more often but do not do it because of the following reasons.

1. I am lazy.
2. Too little time.
3. I would like to and have some thoughts that I want to put down but do not do so because either I do not want to share them or may not think that it adds value to any reader in any particular way. Cause, whether you agree or not you do at times want to be read but sometime you are split right in the middle.

The blogs that I want to go back and read do not necessarily have the most valid point but also articulate them really very well. So hopefully when I am thinking aloud, rather in this case I am just writing what I am thinking, I would make some sense and not just ramble incoherently.

That said, quite a few people here at ISB are frequent bloggers. A couple of them really write well. Others, like me .. Well I'd just leave that to the reader.

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